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Kater in Concert

Donnerstag 26|09 20:00 - 23:30

Joy Wellboy
Warm up by 
The Ghost of Helags
DJ Real

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr


-Joy Wellboy-
Joy Adegoke and Wim Janssens met in Brussels. Summer of 2009. That’s when Joy Wellboy was founded.
They soon realize that they share a vision on how to record music and begin to document their journey. Always eager for more. Excitement. Just to catch some inspiration. Eventually, interesting stories follow. During a 3 month stay in California, they start to make video’s of live performances for unreleased songs in deserted landscapes like Death Valley, Twin Peaks and Joshua Tree Park. They manage to create a universe with one microphone, a small amp and a videocamera. It’s attracting more people to their music. Bookers in Belgium, France and Germany catch their vibes and are pleased to add them to their rosters.
-The Ghosts of Helags-
A shy Swedish accoustic-electronic dreampop act, filtered through Berlin grit. Everything started on top of The Mountains of Helags, located on the border between Sweden and Norway, where a paranormal experience led them to start making music.
The duo is the meeting of a singer and a producer who has worked with big acts in the past. As a band, they are very quiet, introverted and shy. They never speak on stage. Instead they choose to communicate with the audience through dance and body language.


Donnerstag 26|09
20:00 - 23:30