DJ seitI started making cassette tapes mixes of mostly hip-hop, the spice girls & cringy tv-show love songs since teenagehood. In 2013 I started going to electronic parties and started with a Traktor controller in 2014.
Agency Name&& Booking
Agency Linkhttps://undundbooking.de
Allererster DJ NameLemonella from the beginning. A friend gifted me that name.
Was wolltest Du eigentlich werdenI always wanted to be an artist, and at some point I was aiming to become a journalist/writer.
Was bringt Dich zum SchnurrenSunlight on the skin, intentional touch, clever word plays, glimpsing the elegant universe, hearing all the ways nature speaks, humans using their intelligence.
Wo war Dein allererster Gigb2b with a friend at Afrikaburn circa 2013, I was dressed as Cleopatra, playing out the back of an old yellow school bus named Judy.
Wie lange war Dein längstes SetAround 9 hours at a birthday party in Napoli.
Wieviele Pinkelpausen pro SetNever. Ever.
Top Ten non electronicaNina Simone, Brian Eno, Twain, Dope Lemon, Angel Olsen, Leonard Cohen, Little Dragon, Billie Holiday, Erik Satie, Anika.
LieblingsgetränkCoconut water, matcha, mezcal.
Womit fliegst Du am liebstenFits of laughter with friends. Being in flow while playing music, finally forgetting the mind, connected to self, other, all.
Favorite FloorAcid Bogen <3
Hang-Over-RezeptLover’s cuddles, jumping in the water, bad jokes.
IdoleYukimi Nagano, John Cage, Paul Stamets, Terrence McKenna, Audre Lorde, all the plant kingdoms.
Was würdest Du auf Deiner Beerdigung spielenJust the melody of ‘ bittersweet symphony’ by the Verve (90s unto death)
Soundcloud Linkhttps://soundcloud.com/lemonella