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Donnerstag 11|04 19:00 - Freitag 12|04 0:00

THURSDAY 11|04 19:00


resident advisor

Step into the immersive universe of ‚Atmosphères‘ – our monthly listening event curated by Emme Moises and brought to life by our Funktion One sound system.
Delve into mesmerizing live and vinyl sets, where ambient melodies and pulsating beats transport you to new realms of sound.
Join us for an evening of sonic enchantment, where every note holds a story waiting to be discovered. Let’s embark on a musical journey beyond imagination.


Programme Vol.1:

visuals by NOMILIAN


Emme Moises is an electronic musician, producer and live performer from Argentina, based in Berlin.


Emme auf bandcamp
Emme auf insta



Hélo Moondi, a French sound artist based in Berlin, operates at the convergence of electronic music, sound art and radio. Whether in the role of producer or DJ, her goal is to establish links between electroacoustic, electronic music, analog and digital techniques.

In radio broadcasts and at bass music events, she endeavors to interlace connections across a spectrum of sonic landscapes, reflecting urban environments and spanning from experimental soundscapes to industrial electronic music. Centered around synthesizer and sound design, her DJ sets explore storytelling modes that navigate the boundary between reality and imagination.

Through her radio program „Shuffle in Zion,“ she explores experimental breakbeat and collage, crafting introspective sonic voyages inspired by musique concrète, noise, dub or future bass.


Hélo Moondi – insta
Hélo Moondi – soundcloud



Modular Live talk + Showcase by Jacky Noise

In Jacky’s compositions, she looks for the spot where rhythms cross each other’s paths. She is deconstructing sounds in order to understand the symphony and the themes that are reflected in it. In her showcase she focuses on activating the listening, that hypnosis and filter shreds of minds.
The talk before her live set will introduce an overview of the hardware, her modular synthesizer, showcasing the basics of how she builds her patch and her connection to the machine


JacqNoise – insta
JacqNoise – soundcloud



Telva is a vocalist, producer and Dj based in Berlin.
Defining her path through art in every sense of it by turning passion into a way of life, she has been playing and collecting records as main craft since 2016. Followed by uninterrupted hours in the studio, her creations and sonic philosophy, aka record label byt’, have been materialized by the wide range of influences she’s been absorbing along her way as an artist, where different cultures, scenes, and places have shaped and influenced her understanding and projection of her musical vision.

Telva describes her relationship with vinyl as a personal love story that began when she was a teenager. Since then, that has been her way of life. „Playing records requires the same amount of touch, synergy, energy, and attention as painting a picture of personal stories for the listener.”


Telva – insta
Telva – soundcloud



NOMILIAN integrates audio analysis with a range of sensors to fuel his visually rich projections. By leveraging established physical models and harnessing the capabilities of real-time AI, he ventures into uncharted territories and minimizes the gap in human and machine interaction.


Nomilian – insta


As usual:

you pay admission at the door – not online !


Donnerstag 11|04 19:00
Freitag 12|04 0:00