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Liminal Transmissions

Freitag 17|05 22:00 - Samstag 18|05 10:00

Start: FREITAG 17|05 22:00


Performance Based, Immersive Concept

Every Floor = New World
Secret Music Lineup
Awareness Team


One Party, four worlds to explore, hosted by four different art collectives. Every world will have its unique visual design, story, and performance lineup. Get a feel for the worlds and follow us on IG ( to get your deep dive: – Babylon3000: retro-future, silver, metallic, cult-like, hedonistic, technoid, fast. – Slutsgaarden: tropical, beach, slutty, sassy, dirty, bouncy. – The Naked Tea Party: warm, naked, connected, aware, slow. – Scissortopia: dreamy, lucid, glitchy.


Eine Party, vier Welten, präsentiert von vier verschiedenen Kunst-Kollektiven. Jede Welt hat ihr eigenes Design, ihre Geschichte und Performances. Lerne die Welten kennen und folge uns auf Instagram (, um mehr zu erfahren.


Liminal Spaces are eerie, surreal, and slightly uncanny — somehow familiar yet often fluid. They lack a clear function and therefore hold endless potential, resembling the backroom of reality or a glitched level in a computer game. If you explore this Liminal Space, you will find four different worlds lurking in between:


A utopian world where all conflicts are resolved by scissoring. Follow the instructions of the high priestesses to achieve tranquility.


The mythical city of Babylon glitched back in time from a strange hedonistic future. Nobody has a clue what year it is, and no one really gives a fuck. So let’s say it is the year 3000. Enjoy your stay and praise Ištar!


A world where slut-shaming is as foreign of a concept as the patriarchy. Some say that it is hard to enter this world without awakening your inner slut. But once you are in, tropical adventures are waiting. Be ready to shake that booty.

The Naked Tea Party

„Unglitch your clothes and you shall receive a teacup“. Move gently through this world since all inhabitants love to move slowly and naked here.



Freitag 17|05 22:00
Samstag 18|05 10:00